Sunday, October 29, 2006

google bombs away!

Jon Kyl

Rick Renzi

J.D. Hayworth

John Doolittle

Richard Pombo

Brian Bilbray

Marilyn Musgrave

Doug Lamborn

Rick O'Donnell

Christopher Shays

Vernon Buchanan

Joe Negron

Clay Shaw

Bill Sali

Peter Roskam

Mark Kirk

Dennis Hastert

Chris Chocola

John Hostettler

Mike Whalen

Jim Ryun

Anne Northup

Geoff Davis

Michael Steele

Gil Gutknecht

Michele Bachmann

Jim Talent

Conrad Burns

Jon Porter

Charlie Bass

Mike Ferguson

Heather Wilson

Peter King

John Sweeney

Tom Reynolds

Randy Kuhl

Robin Hayes

Charles Taylor

Steve Chabot

Jean Schmidt

Deborah Pryce

Joy Padgett

Melissa Hart

Curt Weldon

Mike Fitzpatrick

Don Sherwood

Lincoln Chafee

Bob Corker

George Allen

Frank Wolf

Mike McGavick

Dave Reichert

This was a public service announcement.


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