Friday, June 17, 2005

To President George W. Bush

To President George W. Bush

...Today, I am still close to you in spirit. Your enemy, to be sure, but still a little bit your friend, for I am withholding nothing from you here. Soon all will be over. What your victory could not penetrate, your defeat will bring to an end. But before we become indifferent to each other, I want to make clear to you what neither peace, nor war, has taught you to see, in the destiny of my country.

I want to tell you what kind of greatness keeps us going, but this amounts to telling you what kind of courage we applaud, which is not your kind. For it is a small matter to do violence when one has been simply preparing for it for years. It is a great deal, on the other hand, to fight while despising war. To face torture and death when you know that hatred and violence are empty things in themselves. To face destruction, while, at the same time, cherishing the idea of a higher civilization. This is how we do more than you; because we have to draw on ourselves...

-From "Resistance, Rebellion, and Death", by Albert Camus

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